Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is sometimes known as the stone of love and has been famed for its ability to enhance one's beauty and love life. 

The history of Rose Quartz has ancient origins dating back to Greek mythology. 

The story goes...

Adonis was an incredibly handsome mortal whose looks captured the heart of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. They fell in love and the pair were hardly apart. 

One day Aphrodite warned Adonis to avoid hunting for fear that her ex-lover, Ares, would hurt Adonis out of jealousy. 

Adonis, considering himself a great hunter, failed to heed his lover's warning and decided to enter the forest to hunt what appeared to be a wild boar. Unbeknownst to Adonis, he had set his sights on Ares who was disguised as a wild boar. Ares didn't hesitate to exact his revenge by fatally striking Adonis.


Hearing the screams of her lover, Aphrodite raced to save Adonis' life, cutting herself on a briar bush in the process. 

The blood of the two lovers mingled and stained the White Quartz underneath the earth's crust. Their blood mixed with the White Quartz and created Rose Quartz gemstone.

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