Amethyst is sometimes called the stone of intuition and is famed for its use as a natural stress reliever. 

The history of Amethyst is said to have origins in Greek mythology. 

The story goes...

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, was infuriated because a human had just insulted him.

To get back at mortals he swore that he would kill the next mortal who would come across his path. He then set a trap using tigers to do his dirty work.

The mortal who happened to cross Dionysus' path was a beautiful young woman named Amethystos. She was walking by in order to pay tribute to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt when she fell into the trap.


Feeling sorry for poor Amethystos, Artemis acted as quickly as she could and turned her into a Clear Quartz which would protect her from the tigers but unfortunately, Amethystos' was now a Quartz statue.

When Dionysus saw what he had done, he wept tears of purple wine which streamed all over Amethystos' statue and turned it purple, creating the Amethyst gemstone.

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